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2014-15 | Discrimination in Everyday Life

Reflecting on the Marxist/Feminist Encounter in 2014

Michèle Barrett, Queen Mary, University of London, UK  Tuesday 10th March 2015 Feminist theory of the1970s-80s included a specifically socialist-feminist approach, which is currently being looked at again. Michèle Barrett’s Women’s Oppression Today has recently been republished with a new… Continue Reading →

“Minimum Distance Guidance”: Charity, Social Cleansing and Neoliberal Geographies of Discrimination

Holly-Gale Millette, University of Southampton, and Marie Billegrav-Bryant, filmmaker  Tuesday 3rd March 2015   This talk considers a marginal people who have, for over 150 years, suffered a falsity of perception and paucity of representation within both the public sphere… Continue Reading →

Does the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities create new rights for disabled people, and will they be realised?  

Tom Shakespeare, University of East Anglia  Tuesday 17th February 2015 The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (2006) was the first human rights treaty of the twenty-first century, specifying for persons with disabilities all the protections afforded by… Continue Reading →

Debt Society and its Discontents

Yannis Stavrakakis, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece   Tuesday 2nd December 2014 The ongoing economic crisis in Europe and beyond is usually discussed in more or less technocratic ways that fail to register the choreography of discrimination implicit in its hegemonic… Continue Reading →

After Same-Sex Marriage, What Next for LGBTI Rights?  

Peter Tatchell, Peter Tatchell Foundation, UK Tuesday 25th November 2014 Despite having won same-sex marriage and many other gay law reforms, we haven’t yet won full legal equality. In addition, queer-bashing violence and homophobic bullying still exist and over a… Continue Reading →

Understanding “Winner-Take-All” Politics in the US: Unequal Political Representation as Systemic Discrimination

Lisa Disch, University of Michigan    Tuesday 11th November 2014   Abstract The idea “winner take all politics” has emerged among US scholar/public intellectuals as a way of understanding aspolitically driven (not market driven) the tremendous upward redistribution of wealth that has occurred… Continue Reading →

Discrimination in Everyday Life: A Discussion 

Michael Neu and Humanities Students, University of Brighton   Tuesday 28th October 2014   Orsod Malik, “Acknowledging privilege” Phoebe Cooper, “Is social media complicit in everyday discriminatory practices?” Oscar Stafford, “Conscientious objectors in the First World War” Martina Vitartali, “Man, human… Continue Reading →

The Egalitarian Context of Discrimination

Andrew Vincent, University of Cardiff and University of Sheffield Tuesday 2nd December 2014 Abstract: The Egalitarian Context of Discrimination by Andrew Vincent ‘The lectures investigates the egalitarian context of discrimination, sketching the history of the concept of equality and then… Continue Reading →

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