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2017-18 | Thinking the Politics of ‘Race’

The Whiteness of International Relations Theory

Meera Sabaratman, SOAS, University of London 20 March 2018 In this talk, I explore the question of whiteness within International Relations (IR) Theory, through an analysis of three seminal disciplinary texts. These texts are Kenneth Waltz’s Theory of International Politics,… Continue Reading →

The Debatability of Racism

Gavan Titley, Maynooth University 6 March 2018 Racism, in public culture, is simultaneously everywhere and nowhere. The very mention of race serves as an invitation to disprove its salience, the mention of racism as an invitation to refute its relevance…. Continue Reading →

Philosophy and “Race”: The Case of Kant

Stella Sandford, Kingston University, London 20th Feb 2018 This lecture addresses the controversial issue of what recent student movements have called the ‘decolonisation of the syllabus’, specifically in Philosophy. It will focus on the example of Immanuel Kant. Kant’s critical… Continue Reading →

Brexit, Trump and Backlash: The mainstreaming of racism and the far-right after ‘post-race’

Aaron Winter, University of East London 6 Feb 2018 Following Obama’s election in 2008, much discussion focused on the possibility of a post-racial society, a notion and narrative of progress that views racism as having been overcome and America having… Continue Reading →

The End of the White World. A Decolonial Manifesto

Olivia Rutazibwa, University of Portsmouth 23 January 2018 Building on insights from growing up as a visible minority in Flanders, Belgium, as well as from public debates on racism (e.g. Black Pete), Islam (e.g. the headscarf bans and the burkini),… Continue Reading →

Brexit and Imperial Nostalgia: How Empire continues to configure, Race, Class, and Citizenship in the UK

Gurminder Bhambra, University of Warwick 5 December 2017 ‘Brexit’ has been less focused on the pros and cons of EU membership than a proxy for discussions about race and migration; specifically, who belongs and has rights (or should have rights)… Continue Reading →

Re-Engaging the Politics of Black Radicalism in the age of ‘Black Lives Matter’

Kehinde Andrews, Birmingham City University 14 November 2017 Black radicalism is one of the most misunderstood political philosophies that exist. Conflated with extremism; narrow versions of nationalism and; misogynistic organisations it has largely been dismissed or overlooked as the ‘evil… Continue Reading →

Black Bolsheviks: Race, Class and the Russian Revolution

Cathy Bergin, University of Brighton 24 October 2017 The Russian revolution of 1917 is rarely thought about in relation to the black radical tradition  yet the impact of Bolshevism on African American and Afro-Caribbean activists was significant. This paper looks… Continue Reading →

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