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Important deadline for hardship fund applications

Are you a home final year undergraduate student or enrolled on a full time PGCE course?

Have you been thinking about applying for the Student Support Fund?

The closing date for final year undergraduate and PGCE students is Friday 6th May. This means that you need to complete the online application form and submit all your supporting evidence by this date.

We strongly advise you to have a look at the guidance to help you make an application before you apply as this will help explain the process and how the Funds team make an assessment.

It is also worth noting that the International Student Hardship Fund and theĀ EU Student Support Hardship Fund also both close on Friday 6th May for final year students.

If you are a continuing student, we will send out information about your closing dates later in the academic year.

In the meantime, if you want to get in touch with the Student Advisers about any financial issue, we are open throughout the holiday.

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Helen Abrahams • April 25, 2022

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