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Side hustles – 10 ways you can make extra money while you study

10 ways students can increase their income on the side on top of part time work

Coming to University of Brighton in September? Check your funding and finance actions

Welcome to the University of Brighton! We hope that you are looking forward to starting your new adventure with us. Starting at university can be an overwhelming experience, especially if you are living away from home and managing your own finances for the first time. As the Student Advice Service, we want your university experience…

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Introducing Springboard, the university’s crowdfunding platform

Need to raise money for your project, idea or event? Use the university’s crowdfunding platform- Springboard to give your projects a boost and a platform to fundraise. Over the past 2 years students have raised over £35k for their projects using Springboard. The crowdfunding platform is free for every student, so you keep 100% of…

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Student Advice guide to job retention and the furloughed scheme

Like us in the Student Advice team, many of you will have learnt a new word in the last 3 weeks and that word is ‘furlough’. But what does it mean and how might it affect you? Government advice is to stay at home where possible. If your place of employment is considered non-essential work…

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Looking for seasonal work? Here are some topical suggestions

Many of you may have lost work due to the coronavirus pandemic. Whilst we are aware this is a difficult time for very many of us, there are some employers who are looking to recruit people, including students, for temporary work, often with the ability to start pretty much straight away – for example supermarkets…

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Vacancies for Student Residential Advisors

The Residential Life team are recruiting now. We are looking for student volunteers like Estefano and Emily (pictured) to live and work in Halls during next academic year to support the student community in Halls and add to their positive university experience. This is a great opportunity to add that something special to your cv and…

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Working part time and paying tax – a student’s guide

Am I paying the right amount of tax? Everything you earn, whether from employment or self-employment, is liable to UK taxation if your earn more than £11,850 in a ‘tax year’ (April – April). The system works well for those who earn the same amount regularly but it can be more complex for students who have more than one job…

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How to Crowdfund your big ideas at University of Brighton

What is Crowdfunding? Crowdfunding is an innovative concept where funds are raised from a crowd towards a common cause or project. Over the past 5 years, crowdfunding has helped more than 50 UK universities generate over £1.2 million in funding for student-focused projects. Springboard is the University of Brighton’s very own crowdfunding platform to help students raise money for independent projects,…

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Join a Student Services focus group and receive £10 Amazon voucher

    Student Services are looking for 10 students to take part in a focus group. The session will be led by an external assessor (we are being assessed for Customer Service Excellence) and will be about your student experience of using our services. The session is between 1:00pm – 2:00pm, on Thursday May 11th…

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Looking for a summer employment opportunity? Want to work for the University of Brighton? Have you got some experience of working in the field of customer service?   Odette Murdoch via Compfight Your search could be over! There are opportunities coming up within the university conference team, both positions paying above the national living wage and…

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