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Summer Fund to support students over the long vacation

Each year the university offers financial supports to students over the long summer holiday. This year is slightly different as we have fortunately received some additional funds from the Office for Students, so hopefully this means that we can help

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Important deadlines for university funding

The university has a number of different funds to help students who are facing financial difficulties. To date, we have spent £540,000 direct to students from the main funds this academic year, which does not include the additional awards we

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Important deadline for this year’s Student Finance and University of Brighton Bursary

Most students are coming to the end of the academic year, and there are deadlines approaching which might affect your funding. If you think you haven’t got the right amount of funding for the current academic year, then you will

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Final Year Undergraduate and PGCE students – don’t miss out on our additional funds

If you are in your final year of an undergraduate or PGCE course, and if you are experiencing financial hardship, then it’s not too late to apply for our Student Support Fund for some help from the University. The fund

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Financial support for rent, IT equipment and daily living costs

As part of our annual Student Money Week campaign which ran from 15th – 19th February, the Student Advisers had the opportunity to gatecrash some lectures and host a few live drop ins to tell you about the range of

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Thinking of applying to the Student Support Fund? Act NOW to receive an outcome before Christmas

The Student Support Fund is one of the university hardship funds, and is in place to support students who find themselves struggling financially. Applications are open across the academic year and Home undergraduate, PGCE and postgraduate students are eligible to apply.

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Introducing Springboard, the university’s crowdfunding platform

Need to raise money for your project, idea or event? Use the university’s crowdfunding platform- Springboard to give your projects a boost and a platform to fundraise. Over the past 2 years students have raised over £35k for their projects

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Still waiting to receive your funding? Check your student finance status

  Most new and returning students who applied before the guaranteed assessment deadline for this year’s funding should have now received their first instalment of  Maintenance Loan. If you have been assessed, but you’re still waiting to receive your first

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News about the £5000 Health Sciences Training Grant

If you’re a new or returning student health professional, no doubt you’ll have lots of questions about the new training grant funding which has been widely promoted. The Student Advice team has produced a helpful factsheet which will be made

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University Summer Fund for students facing significant financial challenges

The university has some financial provision to help students over the long summer vacation Who can apply We welcome applications from full time, continuing, undergraduate students enrolled on standard length courses who are in demonstrable financial hardship due to being

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