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Summer fund to help students facing financial challenges over the summer

Summer Hardship Fund open for UK and EU nationals enrolled on a full time undergraduate course and continuing with their studies until 31st December 2023 at the earliest. This is a fund to help students experiencing financial difficulties over the summer vacation.

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Summer Fund is now open for students who need financial help over summer

Summer Fund is now open for students over the long summer holiday. Like the Student Support Fund, this is a non repayable award and applications are assessed on a case by case basis.

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Final reminder for Student Support Fund

The university’s hardship funds are still open until Friday 9th June. The Summer Fund will open from 12th June

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Student Support Fund June deadline for continuing undergraduate and all postgraduate students

The Student Support Funds are open throughout the whole academic year to all Home fee paying students, both undergraduate and postgraduate. The closing date for final year applications has already gone, but we are still accepting applications from continuing undergraduate and postgraduate students until early June.

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University fund to help pay for deposit and guarantor schemes

The university has a one-off hardship fund which continuing students can apply to which is a contribution towards next year’s accommodation deposit or guarantor scheme

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Final year students deadlines for hardship fund applications

If you are a Home student in your final year of an undergraduate or PGCE course, and if you are experiencing financial hardship, then it’s not too late to apply for our Student Support Fund for some help from the University before your course ends

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International Student Hardship Fund

The University of Brighton has an International Student Hardship Fund for students who pay international tuition fees, and are experiencing temporary financial hardship.  

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New hardship fund to help with deposit payments

The university has a range of hardship funds which students can apply for if they are experiencing  financial difficulties.
We have recently received an additional grant from the Office for Students to help support students in most financial need and we are using this to help students in different ways.

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How the university can help you save money – Money Week 2023

We all need to make our money stretch that bit further right now and the university is committed to offering practical support to help ease the burden. We don’t want you to miss out, so read on to find out what’s on offer

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Closing date for the Summer Fund

The university’s Summer Fund will close on Friday 8th July. If you are a continuing undergraduate student who wants to apply to apply for this fund, applications must be received by midnight this Friday. You can find out more about the fund by reading our further information and eligibility guidance. If you have already received…

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