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Are you being ripped off by fast food and fast food delivery companies?

The rising cost of bills and food in particular is high on everyone’s agenda as a further burden on the budget. This blog looks at how using regular fast food impacts, your budget, wellbeing and the environment

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Money Mules – what are they, how can you protect yourself and how to spot an approach

Young people are increasingly the major victims of fraud. Victims don’t only lose their money – they can lose their family savings, their businesses, their trust in other people, their mental health and plenty more. This article gives advice on protecting yourself from Money Mules

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Help and support for students worried about gambling – Money Week 2023

Research in 2021 showed that 4 in 5 students have gambled at some point in their lives and further research has shown that gambling has become as synonymous with sport as alcohol used to be.

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Take control of your money in 3 simple steps – Money Week 2023

The transition from home to uni life can be a really exciting one, especially when a load of money lands in your bank account courtesy of Student Finance. But for many it’s also the first taste of financial independence, and with temptation to spend EVERYWHERE, alongside the responsibility of covering all the important rent and bills payment, it’s easy to see how the craziness of the first term may have left many of you feeling financially unsettled, especially given the recent changes to the cost of living.

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Buy Now Pay Later – spoiler alert, ‘later’ is just around the corner – Money Week 2023

More and more people are now using buy now pay later (BNPL) arrangements to put off the day when we have to pay for what we buy. It’s buying something ‘on tick’ as we used to say.

Cost of living payments – what are they and who is eligible to receive them?

Cost of living payments for people on low incomes. What are they and who is eligible for them?

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From 1p to £670 – how to save without feeling the pinch

From 1p to £670 – how to save without feeling the pinch. Its called the 1p challenge. In a nutshell, you start making savings on a daily basis starting with 1p on day 1, 2p on day 2, 3p on day 3 and so on…….

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Money saving tips for students leaving term time accommodation for the holiday

Money saving tips for students leaving term time accommodation for the holiday

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know if your funding is correct?

How do you know if your student finance is correct? The Student Advice team can help you find out if you are getting the maximum funding you are eligible for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you still waiting to receive your Maintenance Loan?

If you have been or still waiting to be assessed for student finance from any of the UK funding authorities (England, Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland) there is a process you have to follow before you receive your first instalment.

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