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Student Advice team welcomes all new and returning students

Welcome (and welcome back) from the Student Advice Service!

Who are the Student Advice team?

Returning students will probably know what we do already, but in case you need your memories refreshed or you are new to the University of Brighton, we provide information and advice to all students on any funding and finance related issue. Typical questions we get asked every day are:

  • I’ve got a problem with my student finance award or assessment
  • How does repeating the academic year impact my entitlement?
  • How can I get more student loan?
  • Is there any extra help that’s available if I’m estranged from my parents or I’m a care-leaver?
  • Please help me make a budget that works
  • I’ve got a problem with credit card repayments
  • Does the university have any hardship funds?
  • Please can you help with my Universal Credit assessment?

So if you have a money-related problem or question then please do get in touch with us – if we can’t help we’ll know who can.

We are a confidential and non-judgemental service – we will always explain your options to you clearly.

How can you get in touch with us?

  • Email – – we always respond swiftly!
  • Phone – 01273 642888 Monday to Friday 9.30am – 4.30pm
  • In person meetings on your campus by appointment
  • MS Teams appointments (call and video) by appointment

If you feel a money problem brewing then please do contact us – the sooner you get in touch the sooner we can help you get back on track.

Look forward to hearing from you and have a great first term 🙂

Student Advice Service

Helen Abrahams • September 26, 2023

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