A.P.C is a french, ready to wear brand that is best known for its clean and simple designs where their logo is nearly of prime focus in many of the garments. Very similar to Carhartt, the brand’s characteristics seem like working menswear or takes inspiration from military garments which is an aspect of the brand that i think is really appealing, especially when it comes down to androgynous styling. These images showcase various ads from the brand that i feel really express their best androgynous garments on both men and women. This type of overall made from denim could be an effective approach in my styling to really get the point across and i think that having both models in similar garments like this would compliment each other. Looking further into how such a big brand like A.P.C accomplishes this type of androgynous clothing through denim, in particular, should be useful for me to really identify a specific brand for an advert and also in achieving the best possible androgynous wear.

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