After discussing that the studio would be a lot better in helping me achieve my looks without taking away notice from the initial idea of a beauty shoot, i wanted to practice ways of reaching a setting that wasn’t so obvious of a plain studio. This idea was made up from projecting various relevant shapes from the 80s onto the white wall which reflected over the model. Also, i wanted to use blue / pink gel lights which the studio didn’t actually have so the projected shapes actually helped me initiate this technique. I felt that this technique was effective in showcasing a really clear 80s theme through the projected items, however the model had to wear limited white clothing so that she almost blended in with background for the patterns to show up on her. Additionally, i think this idea will completely take away any aspect of beauty and maybe will work better for some kind of editorial! Overall, i am glad i developed ideas into this technique for my future project but for this beauty / accessory ad i want to focus on patterning more on the clothes instead of the backdrop and build up notice on the accessories used instead of coloured lightings.



To inspire my outfits i thought it would be best to search for runways with an overall theme of the 80s; so shoulder pads, unusual shapes, eccentric layers and patterns. I also liked how Vauthier’s collection used a lot of over the top diamonds as well as the expressive shaping of the garments to encourage a sort of “glamour vibe” on top of the 80s period. The colour range from the runway may be too dark and similar for my idea of the shoot, but i will definitely take the bold shoulder pads and play on this idea excessively. Additionally, the exaggerated use of diamonds on top of the clothing and for extreme accessories will be a focus point for my shoot as i need to maintain a beauty or accessory ad as well as showing my styling.




Celine’s most recent runway showcases fall elements of the typical 1980s fashion trends with the extravagant shapes of the garments and the excessive use of extra shoulder padding. Celine manages to pull together a blend between contemporary fashion styling and the 80s elements with its luxury image that again, creates an unconventional and particular look. Luxury glamour is something i want to achieve through showcasing extreme excessive accessory attributes such as diamantes or diamonds and pearls to really push towards an exaggerated idea of beauty. This will be to also reinforce the extremeness of 80s fashion instead of showing the high / luxury wear side of the era.




The style of photography initially attracted me towards this editorial. I found the fact that their out of focus with a golden tone placed over them helped portray a sort of “80s disco theme”. Having a few photos that are purposely out of focus could reinforce this idea of unconventional fashion through the photography style as well as through the fashion standards. I also really like this massive clash of colourful patterns that each represent typical 80s fashion so realistically but how they almost get washed into one another with the blurry photography. I could possibly use leg warmers in a fashionable sense with some kind of stiletto heel to replicate the knee high boots in the 2nd image but in a typical style of my own with the theme of the unconventional.



Coming across this editorial on Vogue has helped me decide that sticking to a much more 80s theme to replicate similar elements of the renaissance painting will now work better for me. I felt like i was struggling to consider how i can develop my own styling into a much more vintage manor like the 1960s and also make it clear that i wanted to pursue an unconventional aspect too. This editorial portrays very unconventional ideas with the use of the garments such as a towel as a hat or mens cycling glasses and blends them with the idea of typical 80s fashion. Shoulder pads and cheap maybe “tacky” diamonds could be an interesting technique and i could use towels instead of hats for an accessory attribute. This would then tie together unconventional fashion with almost everyday womens wear – maybe almost like a modernised and glamorous 80s house wife. I really like this idea of denim jeans too which is something i most definitely never try and style into my own techniques but for the characteristics of everyday wear mixed with glamour from the 80s it would really work.



Elle’s editorial appealed to me mostly because of this disco effect shown through the lighting. The tools of pink and blue lighting give off this 80s disco vibe and could possibly make my location much more vibrant and relative to the era. The glimpses of natural light are effectively used to highlight the main accessories of the diamond necklaces and earrings which for my beauty ad is definitely a key inspiration to help viewers acknowledge the theme of the shoot and become drawn to the jewellery. The lighting can help give me a much more unconventional theme too, as using everyday wear such as simple denim jeans contrasted with disco like attire in a disco / work out like scenario would reinforce an unusual idea – similar to Gucci’s concepts.




I found that this editorial linked towards my ideas of using unconventional garments in my styling for the beauty ad. From what i can see from the editorial, the use of bloomer type shorts (linking back to my 1st shoot) have been used in purpose replace of trousers to reflect a past trend of possibly the renaissance or victorian-like times. The backdrop is also really stripped back but still highlights a sort of “vintage” feel to it. Learning from these past editorials and their locations it feels to me as though location is going to be a very important factor for my ideal shoot to help me portray a vintage but gucci feel. If location choices like these interiors aren’t considered or do not work with my theme after all, i think i will have to stylise the outfits in someway that they can reflect all elements i want to show such as the 1960’s/70 or unconventionalism.