For the portfolio project, i have been collaborating with a graphic design student who had asked me to style for his final film. I was told to come up with 4 different outfits for 4 very avant-garden scenes. These are some shots i got of the outfits at the first fitting before the film was shot. I will post the link to the film also on here and i have created an entire sketchbook of research throughout the project which is on my USB hand in. Link :





After speaking to my tutors, we decided that the best way for a stylist to showcase their work, including my CV and business card, would be in the form of a box. I think that all my images should be blown up to a4 and then neatly wrapped in some kind of paper for a bit of protection. This would be good for me eventually, especially in my future career because i can easily access the images within the folder and change the order or take out / put in images.




On my last day in Milan, I discovered a small town on the outskirts that was completely covered in old paintings, some resembling historic references and some i think just for fashion. This idea really stuck with me for portfolio and exhibition and i wondered if i could use this for inspiration for either one. The old frames is a main element i was really attracted to as i think they could effectively resemble a vintage feel, in particular, my theme of the Renaissance. This could be an idea for my exhibition especially where i hang my main images on a wall in various old, rustic frames.