On a sunny day, this location would be beautiful. It to seems to give off quite a mythological vibe and i can really imagine my models here. I also think this location relates to the theme although very subtly but this means it will not overpower the concept or styling.



Helmut Lang’s concepts are although very fashion forward and futuristic, can still be a great influence in my work for creating a deconstructed image of various layers and materials involved. The colours are also very similar to my scheme too, relating back to the renaissance period when these paintings were created and the use of pastels and very neutral tones were apparent.


This collection from Burberry really interests me in the sense of styling. I feel like there is quite a conceptual idea behind each model’s clothing and in particular, i like the one sided / armed effects that is used throughout. It recreates this theme of deconstruction and actually breaking down the painting from Botticelli into a modern day fashion shoot.  The last picture is a good example of the way i want to use layers of various textures including satin and lace to fulfil the shape of one garment. The large ruffled collar or shoulder pads is also something i will look into now.




Charlotte Knowles is quite a new designer, emerging within the industry with her futuristic sense of clothing. I typically use her as a massive influence in my work as the styling of her runways / editorials is something i find really fascinating and clever. However, this editorial is useful for my work to make the layers of the items more apparent and will help me use the garments in possible different ways to its initial function. Her garments are styled in a very deconstructed way and blends both lingerie with everyday wear – another element of fashion that i am really interested in fulfilling, therefore i will look closely at this editorial for a lot of inspiration.



It is clear now that big sleeves will be a key factor in my styling. Also the colour theme is becoming very apparent ranging from a group of nudes and natural tones and to possibly modernise the concept and make it become more personal to my own styling traits, flashes of colour in the accessories or make up will be added. I think this will also help the clothing not blend into its surroundings and become more of the main feature – which for me, it needs to be!



This editorial is a perfect example of how i want to portray the painting of Botticelli’s within my own work. The photography is slightly off-balance and blurred creating a really effective delicate frame for the images. The model is made to look almost angelic because of this and including the choice of styling. Big, puffy sleeves seem to keep being targeted within my current research so this is definitely something i will look into. Big sleeves are also a main styling technique from the renaissance and elizabethan or victorian times so it could be fun to play around with this but making the element quite feminine for the concept.


Again, researching into designers who could possibly influence my techniques for the shoot. Mullbery ss/18 influences could be effective for the theme due to the textures and materials. Silk and satin with subtle floral patterns within them highlights the idea of femininity / delicacy and shows a “vintage” theme but it might take away the idea of the era of the renaissance and make it seem more 1920s/30s.




To initiate this shoot, i firstly studied similar designs to the garments worn in Botticelli’s paintings. I need to be careful that the styling doesn’t become too costume-like and stays fashionable but conceptual. Galliano’s 93 runway has always been a favourite of mine; it relates massively to the painting too where the soft looking garments fall perfectly over the figure, even if in a suit / trousers. It just seems really delicate and could make my images look completely different to my usual style which is typically very harsh and gothic.



Primavera is a very well-known painting from the renaissance created by Botticelli. The concept behind the painting initially caught my attention, but as i study the image further, the outfits on these three women mainly are placed so delicately and feminine upon the bodies that i thought this would be a great idea to follow through for the styling in my first shoot. The location of the painting too is another element that helps build the narrative of this image; mystical, mythological and feminine which brings to my attention how important location will be for this specific shoot.