Coming across Soasig’s work a while back now on pinterest when starting my development research for themes within feminism and I have just remembered how interesting and almost relevant these sculptures were to me. I have always been so fascinated by religion, and most importantly, Virgin Mary herself (even having a tattoo of her on my arm). This artist plays with old, broken statues in which she has found in garbage sales, car boot sales and even her own parents unwanted belongings. Soasig re-interprets the original design, to reflect much more of a contemporary look for the Virgin Mary, obviously causing much uproar throughout religions and their beliefs. What i mainly love about these pieces, is that she manages to relate something that a younger generation at this time may no little about, especially if they are not from a religious heritage and they show open and new ideas for what the real belief for a Virgin Mary could differ to be. I really feel like the concept of this artist’s designs can lead me far in developing a theme for my project; possibly basing it on;

  • Religion, as a whole
  • Feminism (maybe quite typical and predictable)
  • Innocence.. ; like this idea a lot as I can play on the idea of purity and the opposites
  • Deceiving (not all is what it seems) – played through the role of feminism