I have always found my more academic work to be based around some form of art. From having quite an artistic upbringing from both sides of my family, art has always been pursued and motivated me into hobbies and a lifestyle which is unique and imaginative. Because of this outlook on life, I now put this to use in my own work, aiming to express this originality and show the public personal feelings or issues that the media aren’t typically fond of. I am a massive feminist and believe I put this to show in all elements of fashion, with styling, photography and illustration – I want to show viewers that it’s ok to express your own views.



We knew it would be easier and much more efficient to browse the high streets Brighton for images and possible knowledge on our chosen object. I decided to ask the wearers we found or even random people their opinions on brooches / pins and the history, or significance to them. The answers we got were pretty much the same;

  • meaningful
  • themes from yourself
  • personality
  • ancestors

I personally think these answers were really basic and set such a boring light upon the object, which is obviously not what I am trying to achieve. The interviews have set a clear idea for what I want my outcome to say or look; to set a contemporary approach to the object, allowing them to become more fashionable and updated for the younger generation.



These are the most appropriate styling outfits I achieved to reflect the contemporary fashion of a white shirt. Thus workshop taught me to be creative and that to become noticed and successful in this hard working industry, the more unusual the better. The denim added to the outfits added a deeper dimension to the image, reflecting designers and brands like my previously mentioned ‘Commes Des Garcons’ or ‘Ashish Gupta’. By deconstructing each item, it allowed us to manipulate the norm and express what we, personally think should be seen in the modern day. image3