Again, it has been really difficult to discover any type of androgynous wear surrounding males, especially using male models. I think that this is probably a really misunderstood topic and within the industry itself, only surrounds a sort of tom boy styled girl wearing male clothing. However, it should cross both genders. Ader Error is a brand that i actually use a lot throughout my work and personal style. It is a Korean brand that primarily focuses on breaking the barriers of gender roles and helps contribute to genderless clothing in fashion. These images i chose to show mainly because of the androgynous looking model, who at first glance is a mystery to whether they are male or female. The model shows signs of both gender characterstics and is emphasized through the styling on top. I do however feel that a blazer set is a very obvious sign of gender neutral clothing and is a styling technique that i seem to always fall back on when styling menswear. So, after recognising this approach from Ader Error, i definitely want to encourage myself to do something different from this obvious look. I do like how every aspect of Ader Error challenges gender roles even to the shoes and jeans. Denim could be a very useful approach to achieving androgynous styling if done effectively and additionally, i can involve a really eccentric denim brand from a location that i have said my future magazine will be sold in – in my media pack. I also feel that it could be made into some kind of advert to really address this. Next i think i should look into surrounding ads or brands that approach denimwear in an androgynous way.

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