According to designer Francesco Riso, the inspiration for these designs actually came from “two english gardens in the eyes of Tim Burton” – completely irrelevant to my actual theme, however the creativeness and vibrancy of this image is completely an aesthetic i want to fulfill. Writers have also shared that this runway shared a celebration of fashion history, from the 1920s to current day – so within this, the 60’s period is also considered. I felt that this runway was relevant to my idea because of the carefully shaped bodice tops thats could also have similarities to 60s period swimwear. The curved waist and widened bottoms reflect the standard swimsuit from this era where womens curves were of main priority in fashion. Although this idea of femininity isn’t conventional to modern day interpretation of beauty, curve structure of the models posture is something that i aim to achieve in my work through the way they are positioned. This could be in really odd standing positions or entirely pushed together to create one big form. The specific pattern use on the designs is another element that i will take influence from as i feel it is perfect for my idea, reflecting the same colours and textiles with priority of pastel or lighter colours and then subtle hints of boldness to contrast.

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