As i want to focus primarily around styling for my FMP, i need to start looking closely at the vogue runways for insporation and designs that are relevant to my research. There are many links to the 60’s period through recent and previous trends but mainly surrounding the source of actual fabrics like corduroy or velvet. These are useful in developing ideas for the possible structure of an outfit, however, i need more influence on actual pattern and how pattern is being used in modern day fashion. Marc Jacob’s spring 18 runway showcases a major use of striking patterns that have a similar use of clashing colours and designs as the look i would like to achieve. The written summary of the show by Jacobs stated “reimagining of seasons past somewhere beyond the urban landscape of New York City”. This could represent the influence he had taken from nature surrounding city like locations or to me, it represented how he has taken inspo from past seasons such as the 60’s itself. I am really fond of the eccentric towel or turban shaped hats that coordinate with the outfits and how they are even more exaggerated by the oversized accessories the model holds. I also like how the way the fabric falls over the figure of the model, especially on the one shouldered outfits. Adjusting this idea of oversized fabric to fit within my swimwear theme could be effective in filtering through the huge throw that the ‘Hora of Spring’ character holds in the original painting.

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