Gucci seems to be a constant and relevant source for all my work through this year and when it comes to studying use of pattern balance, the resort 19 showcases various forms of this. Not only the pattern, but the link towards the 60’s could be quite present here due to the block coloured tights in bold colour of which was a major trend in this period. Obviously, Gucci is known for their reflections of past historic movements, even showing signs of typical renaissance developments but this runway in particular manages to depict many signs of the 60s. In addition to the tights, the retro, floral designs layered on shirts and jackets that clash with other garments on the model, to me, reminds viewers of a typical old-fashioned carpet or sofa. Something evident to see in vintage inspired editorials or even films as it is a factor for millennials that will stick out from these past periods. I have now confirmed that this style of floral textiles is what i should look out for when sourcing my garments, ones that hopefully could match block coloured tights along with head garments that also reflect both modern day and 60’s trends.

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