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Secondary PGCE trainees SBT1

September 27th 2021 –January 28th 2022 

In their first phase of school-based training the role of the trainee is to observe, support and collaborate with subject teachers and the wider school staff to secure pupil progress. The trainees will work with individuals and groups of learners across KS3 and 4 engaging in practice relating to pupil well-being and holistic development together with developing their planning, teaching, assessment and behaviour for learning skills. 

Mentor Training and Mentor Meetings for SBT1 

Individual Subject Specific Mentor Meetings have been arranged

  • All will take place via Teams
  • Date: Wednesday 22nd September
  • Time: 15:30pm to 17:00pm

Links are available against each subject route below. Mentors should click on their subject meeting link to join the session at 15:30pm on Wednesday 22nd September

There is a Mentor Training Package for all mentors who are supporting Secondary SBT1 which can be accessed by clicking on the link here PGCE & 2 Yr BA Sec SBT1 Mentor Training Pack 2021

Art & Design                               Link to Art Subject Specific Mentor Training meeting for SBT1

English                                          Link to English Subject Specific Mentor Meeting for SBT1

Geography                                   Link to Geography Subject Specific Mentor meeting for SBT1

Mathematics                                Link to Maths specific Mentor Training meeting for SBT1

MFL                                                 UPDATED Link to MFL Subject Specific Mentor Training meeting for SBT1

Science (all subjects)                Link to Science Subject Specific Mentor Training for SBT1

Religious Studies                       Link to RS Subject Specific Mentor Training meeting for SBT1

In addition, here is a video summarising mentor training from a generic perspective – all mentors should ensure they have viewed it (a refreshed module is included for experienced mentors)

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