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School-based training opportunities in partnership with the University of Brighton



At University of Brighton we fully acknowledge that outstanding Initial Teacher Education is dependent upon highly successful school-based training (SBT). This is the backbone of our partnership with so many extraordinary schools and mentors with whom we are privileged to work. 

This specific blog is being developed in response to the current evolving situation determined by CV19 and its impact upon schools. We will shortly be populating the blog with details about the SBTs – we are responding to the current and ongoing situation by reducing expectations and workload on our mentors. Please bear with us as we undertake this task!  

In the meantime, we have made the decision to do a ‘soft launch’ as a response to requests from our partners who are keen to make offers to host our trainees next academic year 

We all understand that there is a need for innovative and dynamic communication and a flexibility of approach – we hope that this blog will allow us to share bespoke information related to individual SBTs in a comprehensive and timely way. 

If your school would like make offers, please find the online offers form on the relevant ‘phase’ page and return it to us. 


Sarah Fitzjohn-Scott 
Head of Practice Learning & Development

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