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Secondary PGCE trainees SBT2

 The dates are full time from 21 Feb 2022 to 27 May 2022  

For PGCE trainees this is the final phase of school –based training in a different school from SBT1.

For SDT trainees this is the second phase of schoolbased training – from February 21st 2022 – April 8th 2022 in the same school before moving to their SBT3 school after Easter.  

 ** Please note that due to varying Half Term Dates across Local Authorities, we will make bespoke arrangements for the start date of this SBT which is due to commence as schools return from Spring Half Term** 

 In this final phase it is expected that the trainees will be on their way to developing many of the skills needed to be a secondary subject teacher. The expectations for SBT2 build on those of SBT1: trainees’ work with classes will develop from initial periods of observation of experienced subject teachers, to working with allocated groups of pupils. It is expected that trainees will commence teaching allocated pupils in the second week and increase to a 60% timetable (normally just before or after the Easter break). They will plan, teach and assess using the school’s systems, ensure all other staff they are working with are effectively briefed and evaluate their impact on pupil progress and well-being in order to develop strategies to improve. 

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