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School-based training opportunities in partnership with the University of Brighton


English PGCE

Trainees undertaking the English route develop a personal rationale for their subject’s inclusion in the secondary curriculum, engaging critically with essential pedagogic purposes and specific debates relevant to the subject. 

They consider what good teaching and learning looks like in the English classroom and plan individual lessons and units of work/series of lessons that include learning objectives and outcomes, differentiation, inclusion, appropriate resources, pupil progress and assessment for learning. 

Subject knowledge is developed throughout the programme using strategies such as an ongoing subject audit; subject knowledge development days with classroom applications (exploring a range of approaches to teaching English Literature, English Language, Drama and Media in KS3-5); micro-teaching; discussions with leading practitioners; and practical research in an aspect of their subject knowledge identified as an area for development. 

Furthermore, trainees are enabled to recognise when and how to acquire subject knowledge in new contexts; to secure a high level of subject expertise; and to become enthusiastic subject specialists whose knowledge of English informs and ensures confident and creative teaching. 


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