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School-based training opportunities in partnership with the University of Brighton


Mathematics PGCE

Trainees undertaking the Mathematics route develop a personal rationale for their subject’s inclusion in the secondary curriculum and engage critically with crucial subject specific debates and key pedagogies in an informed manner. 

They consider what good teaching and learning looks like in the Mathematics classroom and plan and deliver individual lessons and units of work/series of lessons that include learning objectives and outcomes, differentiation, inclusion and appropriate resources including ICT. 

They identify opportunities for assessment for learning and use a variety of sources to track pupils’ progress. Subject knowledge is developed throughout the programme using strategies such as an ongoing subject audit and subject knowledge workshops delivered in the context of the mathematics that they will meet in school. 

Furthermore, trainees develop the skills to effectively acquire new subject knowledge when it is needed. Trainees develop a high level of subject expertise in order to become strong and effective subject specialists who know and understand their subject well and can teach confidently and creatively. 

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