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School-based training opportunities in partnership with the University of Brighton


Primary BA trainees SBT1

 22nd to 26th November 2021  – Immersion week

Trainees will undertake a full week at their school where they will follow School based training preparation activities. This will provide them with experience of you school which they can utilise in university work before they return in March for their block placement.  

28th March to 20th May 2022 – block 

Trainees work and learn in pairs in your school with their allocated learners on a full time basis for 6 weeks. 

In their first phase of school-based training the role of the trainee is to support and collaborate with the class teacher and the wider school staff to secure pupil progress. The trainees work with individuals and groups engaging in practice relating to pupil well-being and holistic development together with developing their planning, teaching, assessment and behaviour for learning skills. 

Schools in the partnership have initiated a range of effective projects to boost pupil progress led by our first year trainee teachers. 

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