Session 17: Michael Palapal Sy & Roi Charles Pineda 

About Michael and Roi

Michael Palapal Sy PhD
Zurich University of Applied Sciences (Switzerland)

I am Michael Sy, a Senior Researcher at the Institute of Occupational Therapy, Zurich University of Applied Sciences (Switzerland). I am a young occupational scientist with a PhD that aimed to apply occupational justice concepts into occupational therapy practice. Aside from research and teaching, I am also involved as a supervisor and examiner for the European MSc Occupational Therapy program and a board member of the International Society for Occupational Science.

Roi Charles Pineda PhD
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium)

I am Roi Charles Pineda, a Research Associate at the KU Leuven (Belgium). I recently obtained my PhD in Biomedical Sciences which involved investigating the participation-performance continuum in sports of people with disabilities. I am always keen to use and explore different research methods and designs to answer questions in occupational therapy and occupational science.  Both Michael and I are occupational therapists originally from the Philippines, a country that has been colonized for centuries impacting how the Filipino people think, express, feel and live.


Session title

Philippinizing the concept of occupation from a critical and linguistic perspective


Session details

Session objectives

1. To illuminate the hidden, non-sanctioned, and the dark side of Filipino occupations situated in their social realities

2. To describe the indigenized (Philippinized) meaning of occupation grounded on applied linguistics and occupational science methodologies and epistemologies in the Filipino context

Helpful Resources:

• Sy, M. P., Carrasco, R., Peralta-Catipon, T., Yao, D. P., Dee, Veronica, & Ching, P. E. (2023). Shedding light on hidden Filipino occupations portrayed by mass media: A critical interpretive synthesis. Journal of Occupational Science [advanced online publication].

• Pineda, R. (30 August 2022). Filipino conceptualization of occupations: A corpus-based critical discourse analysis. [Oral presentation]. World Federation of Occupational Therapists Congress, Paris, France.