All About… All About Occupations

The University of Brighton Occupational Therapy Team and Dr Danielle Hitch (Deakin University, Australia) welcome you to All About Occupations – a seminar series established in 2021 by Dr Rebecca (Bex) Twinley with support from Luci Carnall

Since the start of 2023 we have been pleased to join with Dr Danielle Hitch (Deakin, Australia) to collaboratively deliver this series across two time zones. 

We aim to bring you these FREE seminars in the All About Occupations series to feature speakers who have kindly given their time to present and share on a range of topics, but all as individuals who understand people as occupational beings. This therefore will include those who explore or promote people’s engagement in activities, the meaning of this, the relationship between occupation, equality, health, justice, well-being, and identity, as well as those chartering the less known, under-acknowledged, complex aspects of occupations.

It is our hope and intention that engaging in the series will optimise opportunities for local, national, and international networking within occupational therapy, occupational science, and among other related disciplines, including anthropology, biomedical engineering, counselling, criminology, human geography, nursing, psychology, neuroscience, physiology, preventive medicine, rehabilitation science, sociology, gerontology, and public health.

Important to us, everyone is welcome:

Brighton and Deakin staff, students, prospective students, our global colleagues in all settings (including students and staff from other HEIs), and we welcome members of the public.