Session 6: Danielle Hitch


About Danielle

Dr. Danielle Hitch, Senior Lecturer in Occupational Therapy, Deakin University, Australia & Allied Health Research & Translation Lead, Western Health, Australia

I am a clinician, educator and researcher who is passionate about occupational therapy. My clinical experience includes mental health, neuropsychiatry, and employment services, and my areas of particular interest include preventing occupational violence, social justice and promoting mental health and wellbeing.  My meaningful occupations are crochet and knitting, Aussie rules football and playing with my kids.

Session Title

Outcome measurement in Occupational Therapy – What are we scared of?

Session Details

Outcome measurement is crucial to proving the effectiveness of occupational therapy, but remains scarce in many areas of practice. So what’s holding us back? And what does / should ‘outcome measurement’ look like in occupational therapy?

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