Session 16: Kim Jones

Session 16: Kim Jones


About Kim

My name is Kim Jones and I have spent the last 15 years working with individuals who have experienced Inter personal violence. I began my journey in 2008 as a senior project co-ordinator, providing practical skills, advice and guidance. However, overtime I observed that once individuals exited the relationships, they remained to struggle to engage in daily occupations, roles, routines and structure. In 2017 I began my journey as an occupational therapist and discovered that individuals were able to breakdown all three areas of self-care, productivity and leisure and, re build, participate and feel satisfied in a world that was meaningful to them.


Session title

Introducing occupational identity after living with domestic abuse


Session details

Content Warning: Interpersonal Violence

Within the session I will provide a brief overview of our positive outcomes from using occupational therapeutic interventions for victim-survivors of Inter personal violence. Followed by the outcomes of the 12 month project which ran in 2020 to 2021. Please find the Bevan exempla website link below providing all the details.

Domestic Abuse Occupational Therapy: A Project in Response to COVID-19 – Bevan Commission

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