Study Occupational Therapy at the University of Brighton

We have a range of courses so you can study, or further your study in, Occupational Therapy at the University of Brighton

Occupational Therapist Degree Apprenticeship

Occupational Therapy BSc(Hons) 

Occupational Therapy (Pre-Registration) MSc (PGCert PGDip)

Advanced Occupational Therapy MSc (PGCert PGDip)

European MSc in Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy PhD


Our philosophy

The first three listed, pre-registration occupational therapy programmes, incorporate the experience of doing and making, in order to engage analyse and develop skill in therapeutic media. We have creativity studios for cooking, ceramics, crafts, and performing arts, and we have developed gardens for the practice of horticulture. We also explore other occupations, in consideration of differing resources and accessibility. 

As an academic course in occupational therapy, we strive not to lose this aspect of our students’ education; here at Brighton we believe that it is vital to retain these embodied learning experiences – which utterly link theory and practice – as they are indeed central to the understanding of the true essence and potential of occupation.

Recent research has revealed the connection between skilled hand use and the development of thinking. As one student, who could not imagine a course without these sessions, said “how can we learn about doing without doing?” These classes are central to the philosophy of our occupational therapy education at Brighton and they have become one of its hallmarks.