Session 11: Sakshi Tickoo

About Sakshi

Sakshi Tickoo (BOTh, Sexuality Counselor)


I’m queer, brown, Mumbai-based Occupational Therapist and Sexuality Counselor who is the founder of Sex, Love, And OT and the author of SexCare. My primary area of work and research are sexuality and mental health across the lifespan. I have worked in school-based, home health, and hospitals and currently provide my services through telehealth. I also help students and practitioners by serving as a speaker, mentor, and co-host of the Horn OT Please podcast. Apart from my clinical work, I create content on social media, avidly consume TV shows and memes, and nap as much as possible.


Session Title

Sexuality as an Occupation


Session Details

Human sexuality is an ongoing occupation that develops at each stage of an individual’s life. This session will focus on understanding the basics of sexuality and the various ways it translates into human occupations. It will also explore how therapists can practically integrate sexuality within their occupational therapy education, practice, and clinical settings.

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