Session 11 Resources: Sakshi Tickoo

Sakshi Tickoo
  • Access the recording HERE on our YouTube channel! With CC (Closed captioning is the written version of an audio track ).
  • Sakshi’s website:


  • SexCare Book: About the Book: “SexCare is a self-paced, reflective workbook that helps in challenging the conventional ideas about sex, identify barriers (internal, external and relational) that limit one from experiencing their true pleasure potential and encourages to set an action plan through guided activities and sensory practices that can be incorporated in a daily routine; prioritizing sexual pleasure and wellness in ways that are practical and convenient. Through this book one shall focus on exploring and experiencing pleasure holistically in various parts of their lives by enhancing sensuality, connection and intimacy with oneself and/or their partner(s). The workbook addresses people in a gender-neutral language without assuming their orientations, abilities, limitations and/or relationship styles because no matter what your identities are, pleasure is a human right and everyone deserves it!”
  • Access the OCCUPIED Podcast of this session – All About Occupation

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