Session 22: Jordan Pace

About Jordan

Jordan Pace, Senior Occupational Therapist and Lecturer

I have worked within the mental health sector within acute admissions, treatment, and intensive-care wards. Here, I was able to develop a patient group around Substance Use as an Occupation, which has been recognised and replicated across the Dorset healthcare trust; as well as a music group which has also been funded and expanded across the trust.

Currently, I am working in the Assertive Outreach Team as the sole OT and a lecturer at Bournemouth University. I run a special interest group around the Dark Side of Occupation and have also had the opportunity to collaborate on Rebecca Twinley’s ‘Illuminating the Dark Side of Occupation’ textbook in a chapter around homelessness and occupational engagement.


Session title

An Assertive Outreach Approach to Occupational Therapy


Session details

The Assertive Outreach Team takes on individuals with complex mental health illnesses, frequently duel diagnosed with substance misuse. Our cliental, by nature, are hard to engage and can be unpredictable-so our approach as therapists must be outside the box and wholly adaptive.

Drawing on evidence from the dark side of occupation and the complex link between health and wellbeing, I will break down how I established the OT service in this area. The importance of emotional intelligence and positive risk taking is paramount in this area, as well as an introspective understanding of your own sensibilities.

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