Mentors and professional tutors are key to the success of our partnership and to the development of the next generation of teachers. We offer a range of training to help support you in your role.

E-Learning course

Generic mentor training

image of the online training home pageThe course covers everything you need to know about being a University of Brighton Partnership mentor. It covers all Partnership-wide expectations and generic processes that support you in your role.

The e-learning course takes approximately 35 minutes to complete.

On the final page of the course you will be directed to send us an email with your name plus the name of your school to confirm completion.

On the home page please select the ‘full course’ option and you will be taken through the training step by step. The ‘refresher’ button on the home page allows you to revisit specific areas of the course should you need to do so at a later date after completing the full course.

Course specific Mentor Training at the University

Course specific mentor training related to each phase of school-based training. SBT Handbooks and weekly overviews can be found in phase specific links on this website. Mentors will be informed when the materials are available online so they can engage with the training at their convenience.

We will also offer a range of dates and times for discussion and follow up training sessions with tutors via Microsoft Teams. It is expected that all mentors engage with the materials and follow up sessions for their specific SBT.

Should you have any queries  please contact the Partnership Office on:

Secondary :

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