About SBT

A warm welcome to all University of Brighton (UoB) Partnership members involved in school-based-training (SBT). We hope that this website is a useful resource and that it supports mentors, tutors and trainees across our Partnership throughout the SBT period. School-based professionals who take on the role of mentors and professional tutors are key to the success of our partnership.

The overarching aim of school-based training is to:

Support, enable and empower trainee teachers to make effective pedagogical decisions informed by pupil learning.

Partnership 6 Keys to Quality

This aim is best met where there is:

  1. A warm welcoming induction, including safeguarding
  2. Ongoing and supportive informal guidance and advice
  3. Effective regular mentor meetings
  4. Individualised training and development opportunities
  5. Constructive, personalised verbal and written feedback
  6. Accurate assessment

This website contains key documents that describe the processes and systems that facilitate opportunities for this aim to be met.

Key documentation:

  • Partnership in Education Agreement handbook (PiE) this is phase specific; Primary, Secondary, EYITT and FET. It describes the overarching, partnership-wide approach to Initial Teacher Education and provides detailed information on the generic roles and requirements of the UoB Partnership.
  • School-Based Training (SBT) Handbookthis is programme specific and describes the trainees’ outcomes and expectations for a particular stage of training within a specific programme.
  • National Standards for Mentors (2016) these are a set of standards aimed at raising the profile and status of mentoring nationally. They provide a shared understanding of the qualities of effective mentoring and can be used to enhance the professional development of mentors both during and beyond ITE.
  • Initial Teacher Training Core Content Framework  (DfE, 2019) defines in detail the minimum entitlement of all trainee teachers. Drawing on the best available evidence, it sets out the content that ITT providers and their partnerships must draw upon when designing and delivering their ITT programmes.

Training for mentors

There are two types of training that mentors are expected to engage with. Generic mentor training is provided on-line and Programme (SBT) specific training includes online materials and follow up, remotely held, Q&As with tutors. For further details and dates please see the ‘Training’ and ‘Training Materials’ tabs respectively on this website.

On-going support

As a mentor or professional tutor you will have access to ongoing support from university tutors (link, subject, ‘visiting’ tutors). We also organise regular meetings. These are an opportunity for mentors, professional tutors and university tutors to discuss professional standards, developments in their subject and the relationship between school-based and university-based training and education.

For partnership meetings held during working hours, we will reimburse supply cover costs to schools, settings and colleges.

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