Calvin Klein is obviously a very well known brand for its denim garments and has been, clearly from these examples, for a long period of time. I am always drawn to 90’s CK ads and in particular these, due to the simple styling of plain t-shirts and jeans that still remain really effective and obvious of the era. Similar to the previous example of denim brands, this type of styling remains very school-like and casual, yet very playful which i think will work best for this theme. Both men and women could wear similar examples of these garments and i can mix and match with the clothing for both gender models to help emphasize the theme of androgyny. These have clearly been scanned in from a vintage Vogue and most probably taken on film. However, i am interested in taking the photos in a similar way to suggest a very vintage aesthetic like Calvin Klein’a here. This could also help represent the eccentric style that i want to make obvious throughout the magazine.

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