After looking at the various chanel ads that ranged from past years to current day, i thought to reflect the renaissance (as a vintage period) better in my work i should research into vintage beauty ads to see how things such as the posing or composition or colours varied. For my portfolio, i want to focus a lot of my shoots on the specific styling of the outfits however this doesn’t mean beauty / accessories aren’t a main focus of this too. I think to involve both of these ideas, i will need to style an entire outfit for the beauty shoot but focus a lot of the photography on either the accessories or make up – this way sticking to the guidelines but fulfilling the styling opportunities too.


What i have noticed from these 4 images is that the face is obviously used as a focus point of the composition with the actual beauty product on show too. Although this is an effective idea for marketing the product, it will be hard for me to filter this through as i want to keep my styling / branding choice high fashion which unfortunately i have little of accessory or beauty wise!


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