To try and stimulate imagination and a thought process for future illustrations to use in the mag, researching into Japanese or cultural imagers specifically would benefit me greatest. To understand how Japanese artists create their work and the concepts behind their ideas is always needed so i am able to experiment with my own techniques, but also capture their history and almost show another dimension behind the designs.

Shintaro Kago is a Japanese guro, manga artist who first debuted in 1988 with the magazine COMIC STRIP. From first sightings, these imagers are darkened by this idea of inner emotion and visually obtain a sense of inspiring fear. This is something i definitely do not want to have perceived from my work within this theme of magazine, but what really drew me to the designs was his use of hidden message. Hidden meanings behind drawings / illustrations, i feel, is a playful and catching aspect to with hold in a magazine as it is a rarity to find in “trendy” read.




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