Researching further into shoot ideas relating around the concepts of Japanese culture, what would be better than reflecting on Rihanna’s recent shoot for Paper Mag. Her looks defines the stereotype of Japanese culture; anime, kawaii, lolita etc..

Continuing, what i was most interested in was the location set. This being a convenience store. The store allowed multiple vibrant colours to shower through which all link between the main colour scale made for the BREACH mood board. The photographer plays with depth of field and various angles allowing Rihanna’s signature attitude to follow through. The styling may be more commercial than what we aim for, but i think this reference should be held throughout the magazine because of the cultural significance – especially on typical English depiction.

With the development of the final media pack arising, I will use this shoot to maintain a straight focus for the magazine and the advertisement through the pack. In addition, we have found a range of Japanese snack shops in Brighton, which will be useful for our first shoot location.




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