Check out latest publication by CMNH Visiting Research Fellows, Dr Cathy Palmer and Professor Geoff Bird:

Ahead of Professor Geoff Bird’s VRF visit next week, we thought members might want to read his and Dr Cathy Palmer’s latest publication. Their article shows how the Supermarine Spitfire played a pivotal role during the 1940 Battle of Britain and draws on the aircraft’s historiography and continuing afterlife. They discuss the ‘constitutive elements supporting the Spitfire’s transformation from war plane to memorial icon for the British wartime experience’ in what they refer to as the ‘architecture of memorialisation’. To access the full article, ‘Architecture of Memorialisation: The Spitfire and the Making of a Memorial Icon’, published in the International Journal of Heritage Studies, click here.

Long-term CMNH member, Cathy co-leads the Centre’s strand on critical heritage with Dr Jo-Anne Lester.