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Seminars 2012/13

Waiting for Danny. Love, emotion and the ordinary diary 1940-1945

20th Mar 2013 5:30pm-7:00pm Grand Parade Dr Alison Twells, Sheffield Hallam University. Research Seminar Series 2012/13. This paper focuses on the wartime diaries of Norah Hodgkinson who, as a fifteen year old working-class scholarship girl, knitted socks for the war… Continue Reading →

Seminar: Landscaping Jerusalem: World Heritage and Borders

23rd Jan 2013 5:30pm-7:00pm Grand Parade Dr Britt Baillie, University of Cambridge The battle for land(scape) and territorial control is a key element in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and the ‘struggle for Jerusalem’. In this paper, I trace how the construction… Continue Reading →

Seminar: Resisting Demolition in the Occupied Territories

5th Dec 2012 5:30pm-7:00pm Grand Parade   Resisting Demolition in the Occupied Territories Terry Meade, University of Brighton. Research Seminar Series 1012/13. Room G4, Grand Parade. Israel’s 45 years of occupation has seen more than 27,000 Palestinian structures demolished in… Continue Reading →

Seminar: Decolonising the Smithsonian: American Foreign Policy and Colonial Collections,1945-1970

7th Nov 2012 5:00pm-7:00pm Grand Parade   The United States has had a complex relationship with the end of European colonialism. Despite vocal support for self-determination and anti-imperialism, American complicity with languishing European empires and an aggressive Cold War policy… Continue Reading →

Seminar: Interviewing Lawbreakers

17th Oct 2012 5:00pm-7:00pm Grand Parade Sam Carroll (University of Sussex) Interviewing Lawbreakers: Discretion and Disclosure in the Committee of 100 The Committee of 100 (C100) campaigned for nuclear disarmament using non-violent direct action in Britain from 1961 to 1968…. Continue Reading →

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