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Seminars 2020/21

CMNH Seminar: Politics in Anticolonial Egypt: Thinking with Gramsci and Fanon.

Dr Sara Salem (London School of Economics). Online Seminar. This talk focuses the powerful project created in the aftermath of Egypt’s decolonisation in the 1950s and 1960s, led by Gamal Abdel Nasser. Through an imagined conversation between Antonio Gramsci and… Continue Reading →

CMNH Seminar: Digging. The Spiritual-Material Imagination of (Dis)possession in Mardin, Southeast Turkey.

Dr Zerrin Özlem Biner (University of Kent). Online Seminar. In this seminar, I focus on the lives of people who own, repair, and dig for buried treasure in their stone houses in Mardin’s Old City in southeast Turkey. Drawn on… Continue Reading →

CMNH Seminar: And This is my friend Sandy: Sandy Wilson, theatre and homosexuality in post-war London.

Professor Deborah Philips (University of Brighton). Online Seminar. In this seminar Professor Deborah Philips will talk about her book “And This is My Friend Sandy” which situates the production of The Boy Friend and the Players’ Theatre in the context… Continue Reading →

CMNH Seminar: Imperial hierarchy, the civilizing mission, and memorialization after the First World War.

John Siblon (Birkbeck College). Online Seminar. In the First World War, men from Britain and its Empire were mobilized to fight and kill those from the empires of the Central Powers. Where bodies of those killed were located, they were… Continue Reading →

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