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Seminars 2017/18

CMNH Seminar: Youth climate futures: the role of creativity and play in engaging young people with climate change

14th Mar 2018 5:30pm-7:00pm Edward Street 102   Professor Julie Doyle (University of Brighton) Existing research indicates that many young people have negative feelings about dealing with global climate change, and that this pessimism and helplessness increases with age (Hicks… Continue Reading →

CMNH Seminar: Children, Class and the Search for Security: Writing the Future in 1930s Britain.

7th Feb 2018 5:30pm-7:00pm Edward Street 102 Dr Hester Barron(University of Sussex) This paper is based on work that Claire Langhamer (Sussex) and I have done on 269 essays written in 1937 by Middlesbrough schoolboys aged 12-16 on the topic… Continue Reading →

CMNH Seminar: Looking for the Telectroscope: Making up the Victorian Future

17th Jan 2018 5:30pm-7:00pm Edward Street 102 Professor Iwan Rhys Morus ( Aberystwyth University) In a short story published in the Century Magazine in 1898 Mark Twain entertained his readers with a glimpse of the near future. “From the London… Continue Reading →

CMNH Seminar: ‘Its all about the children’. Heritage gifts and Uncertain Futures

6th Dec 2017 5:30pm-7:00pm Edward Street 102 Dr Sarah May (University College London) What do nuclear waste disposal, built heritage conservation, endangered language preservation, museum collecting and the curation of family heirlooms have in common? How is the desire to… Continue Reading →

CMNH Seminar: (De)constructing resilience by way of friendship book: art, memory and affordances

22nd Nov 2017 5:30pm-7:00pm Edward Street 102   Dr Patricia Prieto-Blanco (University of Brighton)   Focusing on a friendship book from a female concentration camp in Ravensbrück, belonging to Slovenian prisoner Viktorija, this paper conceptualises the friendship book as an… Continue Reading →

CMNH Seminar: Science, Fiction, Futures: unsettling social thought

25th Oct 2017 5:30pm-7:00pm Edward Street, 102   Dr Lisa Garforth (Newcastle University) Unsettling Scientific Stories (Expertise, Narrative and Future Histories) is an AHRC-funded project exploring how people have envisioned their futures over the long technological twentieth-century. It foregrounds the… Continue Reading →

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