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Reimbursement for students travelling to the UK from red and amber list countries

The university is offering reimbursement towards essential costs incurred by students who have recently travelled from an amber or red list country in order to start or resume their study.

This is open to all students, regardless of nationality, level of course or tuition fee status.

How much is available?

£875 towards the cost of hotel quarantine for students travelling from red list countries

Up to £100 towards the cost of PCR COVID-19 tests for students travelling from amber list countries/or from 4 October to unvaccinated students who need to test and quarantine

Who is eligible to claim?

Please read the full details of eligibility criteria  (pdf)

Students who are sponsored by the UK or their own government and who can claim reimbursement for testing/quarantine costs from their sponsor are not eligible to claim.

How to claim?

You need to use the University Expenses system which requires a registration. You will be able to upload copies of your receipts as proof of expenses incurred.

Please read the full details of how to claim (pdf)

How is payment made?

We can only pay into a UK bank account and you must enter your bank details into Student View which you can find in the My Brighton app or website. This is a safe and secure payment. mechanism.

If you have any problems with the form or application process, please refer back to the claim process to find the best contact.

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Helen Abrahams • October 5, 2021

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