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Getting ready for the new term? Are you on track with your student bank account?

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Whether you have just accepted your offer of a university place, or you’re progressing to the next academic year, now is the time to get your banking in order.

Some of you might be all over this already, which is great, but for those of you bamboozled by which bank account to choose, this could be the information you’ve been waiting for………online consumer information body (specifically for students) Save the Student have just published their research into student bank accounts and boldly announced their findings as the Best Student Bank Accounts 2017

You’ll see a helpful table at the bottom of the article which compares one account to another, and if you hover over the speech bubble in the article footer, you’ll see comments which students have made. Some comments made about the actual amount of overdraft offered from one to student to another are very interesting. Also, there is some advice around what to do if you have been turned down for a student account.

The Student Advice Service recently published a brief article offering some general guidance on bank accounts, which included advice on what information you need to open a bank account. You can read this article here. In theory you should only have access to one ‘active’ student overdraft facility at a time, so finding the right account for you is important. However, remember there’s no reason why you can’t switch accounts at any time.

If you have any questions about student bank accounts, please contact the Student Advice Service by email or phone 01273 642888

Happy Banking!

Helen Abrahams • August 24, 2017

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