Project: Space Law

Recent Developments and Legal Issues in Space Law

Deadline 12 May – closed to applications

Project description:
Space law is a relatively new field of international law where the fundamental principles of international law meet advanced technology and science. The impact of rapid developments in space technology cause issues in that field. Economic inequality between developed and developing countries is one of the existing problems. Another problem is the environmental pollution caused by satellites and space debris. Colonization on Mars, which is one of the missions of private companies (e.g. SpaceX), is another problem that needs to be regulated in terms of international law. According to the current international treaties, outer space is considered as the common heritage of humanity. It is significant for legal researchers to have information about existing and expected legal gaps and problems in space law.

The outcomes of this project are to have knowledge of the recent developments in outer space law, gain insight about basic international space law regulations and to be conscious of possible legal issues in the area.

Tasks and activities to be undertaken by the UG/PGT student:

  • To examine five main international space law treaties.
  • To understand ‘United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space’s mission.
  • To explore recent developments related to outer space.
  • To detect certain legal gaps in international law about outer space.

Experience and knowledge required/desired:

  • To study law (international law preferred)
  • To be keen on doing research in international law
  • To be interested in studying space related issues

 Skills, knowledge, experience to be gained:

  • To learn to do in-depth research in the field of law
  • To gain experience in a team-based context
  • To become familiar with the field of space law
  • Networking

 Project lead: Gulnur Erol,

School: Business and Law