Project: Hybridity in cultural hybrid writing

Identification of subconscious and unconscious hybridity in cultural hybrid writing: contextualization of a third space in cultural hybrid literature

Deadline 12 May – now closed for applications

Project description:
The story of hybridity involves multiple elements that have been theorized by scholars using such inter-related terms as “acculturation” Berry, J.W. (1990), “frame switching” (Benet-Martinez, Leu, Lee, & Morris, 2002), “bi- (or multi-) culturalism” (Benet-Martinez, Leu, Lee, & Morris, 2002), contrapuntal consciousness (Said. E, 1993). Or terms defined in the Oxford dictionary such as “syncretism” the formal definition for the term “syncretism” in the Oxford dictionary is 1. the mixing of different religions, philosophies or ideas. Yet, the concept on which I have chosen to focus my attention in this study is hybridity (Bhabha, H, 1994), a combining of dual or multiple heritages and identities.

I, Najma, was born in London to an Indian father and an Afghan mother. My father’s work took us all over the world and ultimately back to Britain. The result of this background and upbringing was a hybridity that runs through me; it was a sensibility that was very British but at the same time very Asian thereby giving birth to another sensibility that blends the two. My research looks to explore that in-between space of hybridity.

Tasks and activities to be undertaken by the UG/PGT student:

  • To undertake a qualitative study in the shape of interviews of Eastern Europeans settled in the UK
  • Transcribe

Experience and knowledge required/desired:

  • Self-motivated
  • IT literate
  • Understanding of the role that ethics plays in qualitative research

Skills, knowledge, experience to be gained:

  • Interview skills
  • Data analysis
  • Transcription

Project lead: Najma Yusufi,

School: Humanities and Social Science