Project: Poetry, Race and Art

Poetry, Race and Art 

Deadline 05 May – now closed for applications

Project description:
Create a visual compendium of contemporary black ekphrasis – i.e., a comprehensive collection of texts of published ekphrastic poems (by black poets) alongside the images/artworks that inspired them including date and biographic details, publication dates etc. A starting point will be poems ‘liked’ on my PGR research twitter account @PicturingB

As an addendum to this, the research is to include poems where black poets address art/art experiences in some way e.g., Essex Hemphill’s ‘Visiting Hours’.

Compile a list of scholarly research articles relevant to study of contemporary black ekphrasis.

Would like to prioritise a student from an underrepresented group for this opportunity – but open to all

Tasks and activities to be undertaken by the UG/PGT student:
Locate journals and publications, research images and poems, follow up leads from PGR, compile data

Experience and knowledge required/desired:
Some knowledge of contemporary black US and UK poetry and art, social media research skills 

Skills, knowledge, experience to be gained:
Develop research skills, particularly non-traditional research skills. Gain an overview of black ekphrasis and contemporary black poetry and art. There is potential to work on forthcoming PGR’s documentary on the subject.

Project lead: Amanda Holiday,

School: Humanities and Social Science