Project: Sex for Rent

Sex for Rent: Vulnerabilities and Risks for Women in the Private Rental Sector

Project description:
This project focuses on the ‘Sex for Rent’ phenomenon as experienced by women in the UK’s private rental sector. The UG/PGT student will undertake a literature search of ‘Sex for Rent’ literature and compile a literature review in collaboration with the PGR. The UG/PGT will also begin a search of ‘Sex for Rent’ adverts in the UK and compile this data into a database. The UG/PGT will work with the PGR to analyse the data using qualitative methods.

The aim of this project is to analyse ‘Sex for Rent’ in the context of how it is advertised to women in the private rental sector and how this can interplay with vulnerabilities and risks in the private rental sector.

The desired outcomes of the project are to put together a collaborative report on ‘Sex for Rent’ in the UK and to improve the research skills of both the UG/PGT student and the PGR.

Tasks and activities to be undertaken by the UG/PGT student:
A search of the existing literature on ‘sex for rent’ and compiling this into a list of references. Work with the PGR to synthesise this into a literature review. A search of ‘sex for rent’ adverts in the UK, compiling this data into a database. Work with the PGR to analyse the data using qualitative methods.

Experience and knowledge required/desired:

  • Experience of conducting literature reviews and literature searches.
  • Experience, skills, or knowledge of gathering data from primary sources online.
  • A knowledge of and interest in urban studies and gender studies literature, especially around housing.

Skills, knowledge, experience to be gained:
The student will gain collaborative working skills. The student will enhance their knowledge and experience of researching, including searching for literature and data, and compiling, synthesising, and analysing this with support from the PGR. They will gain experience in written communication and qualitative data analysis.

Project lead: Ellie Ferguson,

School: Humanities and Social Science