“At the border of art”



I felt that it would be beneficial to my work to not only research fashion designers that highlight deconstructiveness, but to look into artists of other areas that play around the same theme. The shapes of sculptures or the materials used within the work could be crucial in helping me achieve the outcome i need. Also, when it comes to manipulating my clothing for the shoot – the ways i do this whether it be to fold, layer or cut into, can be influenced from the artists’ work. Lygia Clarke creates her sculptures to present exploration of the body and mind and her materials are very valuable for completing this theme. It is said that a lot of her work relates to the concepts of designers such as Dries Van Noten, who come under the category of deconstructive fashion, so she might be very beneficial to my work. Her sculptures seem to be made from mostly netted materials which help create a range of dimensions for her art. It shows size, movement and contrast of lighting made from the shadows and all elements create such diversity for her work. The first picture is something i thought would be useful in portraying in my styling ideas because of the different shapes made within the large piece of netting. I think actually cutting into some of my garments to create similar forms like Lygia’s sculpture will really help exaggerate means of deconstruction and showcasing the unconventional. I could also leave the freyed edges or use pieces of string or rope, similarly to the Antidote editorial to put emphasis on this idea of breaking social standards.

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