After discussing that the studio would be a lot better in helping me achieve my looks without taking away notice from the initial idea of a beauty shoot, i wanted to practice ways of reaching a setting that wasn’t so obvious of a plain studio. This idea was made up from projecting various relevant shapes from the 80s onto the white wall which reflected over the model. Also, i wanted to use blue / pink gel lights which the studio didn’t actually have so the projected shapes actually helped me initiate this technique. I felt that this technique was effective in showcasing a really clear 80s theme through the projected items, however the model had to wear limited white clothing so that she almost blended in with background for the patterns to show up on her. Additionally, i think this idea will completely take away any aspect of beauty and maybe will work better for some kind of editorial! Overall, i am glad i developed ideas into this technique for my future project but for this beauty / accessory ad i want to focus on patterning more on the clothes instead of the backdrop and build up notice on the accessories used instead of coloured lightings.


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